Do you see the car in the photo above? Yes, the car. Not the weeds, ivy, and shrubbery covering it, but the car.

Believe it or not, there is a car underneath all that greenery up there, and it has been dubbed the "Zombie Car." It was abandoned in the Sichuan province of China sometime in 2012, and it took on a life of its own through social media recently after a forest grew around it. All types of leaves sprouted up around the car in recent months and completely covered it to the point where it actually just looked like a big bush in the middle of a parking lot. It's pretty insane that it only took a year or so for it to happen. But it turned a pretty ordinary car into one of the coolest cars we've ever seen.

Unfortunately, though, the "Zombie Car" just got killed off once and for all. Thanks to all the social media coverage that it received, police found out about the car and tracked down its owner using the license plates that were still on the car. But the owner told them that he sold the car about a year ago and that he has absolutely no idea why the buyer decided to abandon it. So police just towed it—with all of the greenery still attached to it!—and disposed of it.

We kinda think that police should have just left the car where it was to see what else would grow on it. Who knows? In another year or two, a tree stump might have popped up out of that thing. But alas, the "Zombie Car" is gone, and we are all sad about it.

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[via Behind the Wall]