We've heard about plenty of people driving their cars into houses. It seems like it happens almost every other day now. But we've never heard about someone doing it on purpose.

That's exactly what 24-year-old Brittney Lawren did over the weekend, though. The Sacramento resident—who is going through a divorce from her husband right now—allegedly got into an argument with him on Saturday. And the argument reportedly got so bad that Lawren jumped into her car, which was parked in the garage of the couple's home, and drove it straight into the couple's living room. She then backed out and did it again, prompting her husband to call police. She was arrested a short time later on domestic violence and felony vandalism charges.

What in the world was this woman thinking? Driving your car into your own house one time could be labeled an accident. But doing it twice clearly makes it intentional and is probably going to get Lawren into a lot of trouble.

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[via CBS Sacramento]

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