The offseason's over. The preseason's over. Tonight it starts. A five-and-a-half month reality check, that'll crush your belief in miracles. There's nothing worse than waiting in anticipation only to be dissappointed. It's like if you were expecting a PS4 for Christmas only to open your gift and find that somebody, actually, took the time to wrap a hunk of dog shit. Enjoy today because for some the high-point of the season ends after the opening tip.

Everyone's alive in November. By December you've got hope but the standings are predictably shaping up. By January it's pointless to check the standings on giving you five extra minutes of much needed sleep every morning. Today we give you a look at glass-half-full optimism, followed by glass-half-empty analysis. "This is our year." For some that'll end December 31st while the rest carry their aspirations into warmer months, until they're cut by a high-seeded buzzsaw.

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