Kevin Ware went from backup guard, to inspirational icon to...we don't know yet. But we'll get an answer to that third part of the journey when he makes his way back on the court. Ware is well and ready, Louisville head coach Rick Pitino said.

Six months ago Ware's career was in doubt when he suffered that devastating injury to his leg during the Final Four. A teammate then captured a video of Ware dunking in September. Now the return is just about complete. Pitino said Ware is cleared to start basketball workouts immediately.

"Kevin's last X-Ray is perfectly healed. He's over it," Pitino said. "Now he starts his work to gets ready to step on the basketball court. To move as a basketball player would move."

That's undoubtedly great news for Louisville and a lot of sports fans. But it must be noted that what's overcome physically isn't necessarily correlated with what's yet to be overcome mentally. Pitino warned that Ware may still need a little more time to overcome the injury mentally, which is understandable. Ware's storyline is something that would have to be followed as the season progresses.

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[via Courier Journal]

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