Remember when Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce got traded to the Nets and Doc Rivers revealed that he was leaving the Celtics to coach the Clippers? Everyone assumed that Rajon Rondo was devastated. Memes featuring photos of Rondo and sentences like "WHERE DID EVERYBODY GO?" and "HOW ABOUT HIM? IS HE STILL ON MY TEAM?" started popping up everywhere. But earlier today, Rondo revealed that he actually wasn't all that heartbroken about his former teammates and coach leaving Boston.

"It wasn't difficult at all," he said. "I didn't feel anything. I actually landed in LA the night of the draft. I had 45 text messages come through the phone. I thought I was traded. It's not the first teammates that I've been close to who were traded away—[Kendrick Perkins], Tony Allen. It's part of the process."

Are you buying Rondo's reaction? We're sure that he's fine now. But he had to be upset back when the trade first happened. Or maybe it'll take a 22-60 season to make him realize what he lost back in June. Either way, he's in for a looooooong year without his former running mates.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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