In today's world of constant quick-reactions, instant news, and viral social media, we see plenty of typos and incorrect grammar as a result of everybody trying to be "first!" It's just something that has grown as a natural side effect of not taking your time to correctly put up a polished product. Blogging has taken that and hidden it in a treasure chest buried at the bottom of the ocean. There are still some sites, obviously, that maintain a high level, but it's just much more rare these days. 

Because everybody has an outlet to now express their thoughts and feelings, our eyes are often opened to mistakes that never would have been seen otherwise. Take Twitter for example. Once you type in those characters, they float off into the interwebs where anybody can see and where anybody can do whatever they please with them. We were browsing Twitter the other day and we happened to notice a trend that made us chuckle: A lot of people really do not know how to spell Porsche Panamera. They call it the panarama or panorama, which, of course, is actually a broad-shot picture. We're here to call these people out on their sad attempts to discuss luxury cars. Here are 20 People Who Don't Know the Difference Between a Porsche and a Wide-Angle Photograph

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