We all know that Koenigseggs are beyond what any normal person thinks of when the word "car" is uttered, but the recently announced Koenigsegg One:1 is another level entirely. The name comes from the proposed power to weight ratio: one horsepower for each kilogram. The weight of said super-duper-extra-hypercar will be 1,400 kgs (3,086 lbs) so we're going to hazard that the engine will need a lot of boost. “Other cars have achieved this but by measuring dry weight -- no oil, no water, no fuel,” von Koenigsegg says.

The car will, according to von Koenigsegg, be able to reach 279 mpg, and be the fastest in the world to 100 kph, 150 kph, and 200 kph. 

Other sources are claiming the car will weigh 1,400 lbs, but it would have to be made out of adamantium and angel feathers for that to happen.

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[via Bloomberg

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