Michael Beasley probably woke up with a crazy headache this morning. But it's not because he went out to celebrate after the Heat knocked off the Pistons in a preseason game last night.

Rather, Super Cool Beas is likely feeling the effects of a couple shots that he took to the side of his head during last night's game. Those shots came courtesy of himself—yes, himself!—after he got called for traveling during the fourth quarter of the game. While walking back up the court following the traveling call, Beasley punched himself in the side of the head several times. And he apparently hit himself so hard that, according to Miami Herald writer Joseph Goodman, Beasley needed a team doctor to use a steel compress similar to the ones that cut doctors use during boxing matches in order to treat the knot on the side of his head later.

Watch Beasley do some damage to himself in the clip above. You do realize that it's only the preseason, Beas, right?!

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[via Miami Herald]