On Tuesday, Metta World Peace boarded a double-decker tour bus in Manhattan with 22 Bronx public school fifth-graders, among others. TIME's Sean Gregory rode along with Knicks teammate Andrea Bargnani and the player formerly known as Ron Artest, who kept the youngsters safe as he forewarned them of incoming, low-hanging traffic lights (“This is a dangerous one,” says World Peace, looking a bit freaked out. “Watch this light. Watch your head.”) while also seeing what the kids think his next name should be. The answers varied from the practical, like Juan, to the outrageous, such as Bob the Builder. 

While the entire story is an entertaining piece, there was one moment in their trip that stuck out was the interaction Metta had with one kid who asked him about his elbow on James Harden in 2012. Check out how their discussion went down below. 

Remember when you were playing, and you went like that to James Harden?” he asked, mimicking an elbow. During the 2012 playoffs, World Peace leveled Harden, and was suspended for seven games. “No,” World Peace replied. “Absolutely not. That never happened.”

“I looked it up on YouTube,” he responded.

“Absolutely not,” said World Peace. “Absolutely not. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Oh, Metta. That never happened? That elbow shot that resulted in a seven-game suspension never happened? Clearly, the World Peace trolling also includes young'ns. He's going to be a riot in New York.  

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[via TIME]

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