Some of you might look at the photo that Kim Kardashian put up on Instagram the other day and think, "DAMN, KRIS HUMPHRIES, YOU LOST, BRO!" And in a lot of ways, Humphries did lose when he lost Kim. But earlier this week, the Celtics forward actually scored big and won for a change when he auctioned off the engagement ring that he gave to Kim a few years ago prior to their 72-day marriage.

The ring, which features a 16.21-carat diamond flanked by 1.80-carat diamonds on both sides, was auctioned off through Christie's in New York City to an anonymous bidder. That bidder agreed to pay $749,000 for the ring, which was reportedly worth upwards of $2 million when Humphries originally bought it. But Humphries' lawyer disputed that $2 million figure during a rcent interview with the New York Daily News and said that Humphries actually turned a profit on the ring.

"Kris is not losing money on the ring," his lawyer Lee Hutton said. "It was something that was a part of the divorce, the dissolution agreement. Kris is pleased with the outcome of the sale and the fact that he can give a portion of the proceeds to a deserving charity. He's in the process of selecting the charity now."

So there you have it. As it turns out, it sounds like Humphries didn't have such a bad week after all.

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[via Eye on Basketball]