Remember back in August when ESPN projected that the Lakers will finish 12th in the NBA's Western Conference this season? That did not sit well with Kobe Bryant:

And we don't think ESPN's individual player rankings are going to sit very well with Kobe, either. Last season, ESPN ranked Kobe as the sixth best player in the NBA. But this year, Kobe took a huge tumble and landed allllllllllll the way down the list at No. 25 overall. And the ranking already has Kobe stans, er, fans up in arms. Here are just a few of their reactions to it:

Kobe himself hasn't responded to the ranking yet. But we expect to see something on his Twitter any minute now. In the meantime, do you think that a No. 25 ranking for Kobe is justified—or do you think that ESPN dropped the ball here?

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[via ESPN]