Chris Smith is officially a member of the New York Knicks!

Earlier today, he survived a final round of cuts, so he will be on the Knicks' roster for the start of the 2013-14 NBA season. And to us, that's cause for celebration. Because the only thing better than having one J.R. Smith on the Knicks is having two J.R. Smiths, right? And that's exactly what (we hope!) we're getting with J.R.'s brother joining the team. Also, he's going to spend most of the upcoming season sitting between the trainer and the guy who mops up the wet spots on the court on the bench. So we're not really all that worked up about him making the team.

But apparently, we're alone in that thinking. Because we just went over to Twitter to see how folks are handling the news about Chris making the Knicks' roster and…WOW, YOU GUYS ARE SO MEAN! Seriously, what did Chris ever do to you?!

We don't know why (well, we kinda do, but…), but Knicks fans are freaking the $^%& out over the Knicks keeping Chris Smith over, say, Jeremy Tyler. Just check out some of the tweets that we've come across this afternoon:

You guys aren't right. We know why you think Smith made the roster:

But still…Leave the poor kid alone! If Chris Smith is the reason the Knicks don't win a 'chip this season, then they weren't mean to win a 'chip in the first place.

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