Oh, this Nets/Heat rivalry is gonna be goooooood…

Prior to last night's preseason game between the two teams in Brooklyn, LeBron James came out and criticized Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce for ripping Ray Allen last season after he chose to sign with the Heat in the summer of 2012 as a free agent. James thinks both players owe Allen an apology for the way that they treated him, especially now that they have both left Boston to play in Brooklyn. However, Garnett and Pierce don't see things that way—and they want James to stay out of their business right now.

"Tell LeBron to worry about Miami," Garnett said last night. "It has nothing to do with Celtic business."

Pierce echoed his sentiment. "I left Boston?" he asked reporters, alluding to the fact that was traded by the Celtics and didn't willingly choose to leave the team.

These obviously aren't major shots or anything. But they are the start of a rivalry between the Nets and Heat that's likely going to carry over into the regular season and playoffs. We can't wait to see it play out this year.

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[via ESPN New York]