The things Penn State should be doing after the ugly child abuse scandal that rocked the entire nation were to move forward, ensure such a disgrace never occurs again, and always remember to hold officials accountable. The exact opposite of two out of the three things is displayed in the above picture, which shows a vigil put together by fans for Joe Paterno's 409* collegiate wins. One of the many sanctions the NCAA levied on Penn State was vacating Paterno's wins from 1998 (where stories of Jerry Sandusky's sexual abuse started) to 2011—111 wins.

Perhaps the worst aspect of the photo is a sign saying, "'We will not move on' We Are Penn State.'" That's a bit off. This canonized view of college football is part of what helped to Sandusky's terror to continue for so long in the first place. That asterisk from 1998-2011 serves as both a reminder and an example, not some sort of rebellious galvanizing rallying call.

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[via The Big Lead