Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Tony Romo are definitely the type of quarterbacks you'd want to lead your team to a victory in the fourth quarter.

Well come to think of it, we'd actually way prefer picking the first two. But since Jerry Jones says he's smarter than the average 70-year-old and is the owner of "America's Team," he has to have some sort of credibility when he calls Romo a great fourth quarter quarterback, right? This is what his claimed according to ESPN Dallas.

“I hadn’t booked it, but we had ‘em against  Denver," Jones said. "And we’ve got a quarterback that’s the best in the business in the fourth quarter. He’s the best. He can make it happen when it’s not there. Other than being ahead with the ball, there’s no one I’d rather have at this time than to have Romo trying to get us down the field in a short period of time.”

Well, Romo does have the highest passer rating of any active quarterback in NFL history in the fourth quarter. But the craziest thing about Jones' claim is he didn't cite that. Jones referred to the game against Denver. Denver. Does Jones know something we don't know about, just has an extreme amount of faith in his quarterback, or is he slipping?

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[via ESPN Dallas]