A lot of fans knew the Cowboys-Broncos matchup was going to be a high-scoring game, but what actually happened was just ridiculous. When the regulation clock hit zero, both offenses had combined for 1,039 yards, which almost as much as the Buccaneers have in total this season.

It was a crazy back-and-forth game that saw Peyton Manning throwing his first interception this season but still throwing for 414 yards and four touchdowns. Tony Romo put up big numbers too, throwing an absurd 506 yards and five touchdowns. But what kept this game from being great was how predictable the finish was. Romo threw an interception in classic Romo fashion in clutch time to set up an easy Broncos field goal. Denver came out on top 51-48, the second-highest combined score since the merger and more than Tampa Bay and Jacksonville combined this season.

It was a great showing by both teams. Actually, no. It was a great showing by the teams' offenses. The defenses have some issues that extend beyond the football field if they're celebrating after giving up more than 45 points each. And don't forget incredibly selfish. Think about how many fantasy scores they screwed up by playing what they call "defense." Romo did fold, but does he have the right to spaz on the defense for allowing 500 yards? Yes. Yes he does.

And if he does decide to bark on them in the locker room, he ought to hold the people who didn't even record a stat on defense just as accountable for not being good enough to hit the field. How lacking of a second and third-string you have to be to not even step in when the starters are spending too many minutes of the game playing like they belong of a practice squad? Let's look at some names; here are the 7 Defensive Players on the Broncos and Cowboys Who Were Too Pathetic to Play in the 51-48 Shootout (along with their season stats).

Dallas Cowboys 

  • S Danny McCray - Two tackles and one assisted tackle
  • DT David Carter - No recorded stats

Denver Broncos

  • DE Derek Wolfe - Six tackles and three assisted tackles
  • DT Terrance Knighton - Two tackles and seven assisted tackles
  • LB Steve Johnson - No recorded stats
  • DT Sylvester Williams - one tackle and assisted tackle
  • S David Bruton - Two tackles and two assisted tackles

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