Even though the Rockets are set to pay Jeremy Lin approximately $8.4 million this season—or about $7.5 million more than they're going to pay Patrick Beverley—it appears as though Lin will not be the team's starting point guard. At least, not for their season opener against the Bobcats.

According to Chandler Parsons, Houston is going to use the same starting lineup that they used for their final preseason game when they tip off their season tomorrow night. And that lineup includes Beverley getting the nod over Lin. The thought is that Beverley will be a better fit for the Rockets' first unit since he doesn't need to score a lot of points to be productive, while Lin will be a better fit for the Rockets' second unit. It will allow Lin to have the ball in his hands more often and utilize the pick-and-roll to get up shots. So for now, it sounds like Lin will be an extremely expensive second stringer.

Does that mean that Lin will never start? Not at all. We wouldn't be surprised to see him get his fair share of starts this season. But it does mean that he's going to have to make the most of the time that he gets when he doesn't start. And it also means that the rest of the league is probably in trouble. As if the Rockets weren't already strong enough at other positions, they now have two guys that they feel are capable of starting at point for them. It's going to be a fun season in Houston.

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[via The Dream Shake]