We already know that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is planning on having Miley Cyrus escort him to the ring before his next big fight. Now, we know who that fight will be against.

According to the Daily Mail, Mayweather has reportedly agreed to take on British boxer Amir Khan. Khan, who is 28-3, will travel to Las Vegas to take on Mayweather. The only bad part about this announcement? The fight isn't scheduled to take place until May 3, 2014, which means that we still have to wait an entire winter before we get to see Mayweather and Khan square off. But it's an intriguing matchup.

"Floyd has seen off the tough, heavy punchers," Showtime executive Stephen Espinosa said earlier today. "It remains to be seen what he will do against extreme speed, and I like the Khan fight very much."

We think we do, too. Assuming it takes place, it should be a pretty interesting matchup but one that Mayweather should be able to handle.

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[via Daily Mail]

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