Floyd Mayweather isn't sure who he's going to fight next. But he does know who is going to escort him to the ring before the fight. At least, he knows who he wants to escort him. The lucky lady? None other than the "twerk queen" herself Miley Cyrus. Mayweather spoke about her during an interview with Billboard at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas over the weekend.

"I was thinking about letting the twerk queen Miley Cyrus bring me out," he said. "Why not?"

Why not? Hmmm…how long you got, Floyd?!

On a related note, Money May also talked about why he keeps inviting Justin Bieber to accompany him to the ring.

"When you're the best," he said, "you only want to surround yourself with the best. He's an exceptional artist. He's the future."

It also sounds like he's going to get the boot if the "twerk queen" wants his job. Your move, Miley.

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[via Billboard]