A couple of days ago, Dwight Howard revealed his goals for the upcoming 2013-14 NBA season. One of those goals include shooting "75 to 80 percent from the free-throw line." OK, we'll wait as you recover from your laughing attack. Good? Anyway, while we initially doubted his ability to accomplish this feat, given the fact that the Rockets big man is a career 58 percent from the charity stripe, Howard may have figured out what he needs to do: shoot with his eyes closed. 

No, really. According to the Houston Chronicle, Howard and teammate James Harden took part in a 10-shot blind free throw contest and DH won. But, the best part may be that Howard knocked down eight of his attempts. "I might have to start [shooting with] my eyes closed in games," he said, according to the Chronicle. "I have a good percentage. I am 8 for 10 with my eyes closed." And you know what, eight out of 10 is 80 percent which is exactly what Dwight wants to shoot from the line this season. 

Howard may really need to entertain the possiblity if he wants to meet his goal of 75-80 percent free throw shooting. We're pretty sure Dwight could maintain his current career percentage by taking his attempts with his eyes closed anyway. Just saying.

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