Whether you grew up on Super Nintendo or Wii, odds are that some of your earliest driving memories involve turtle shells and mushrooms. No, we aren’t referring to your high school fondness for narcotic-fueled cruising, we are talking about Mario Kart.

Our nation has long been in a serious discussion about how Grand Theft Auto and other violent games affect those who play them. We aren’t prepared to comment on the impact of virtual cop killing and hooker beating on our nation’s youth; we’ll leave that to senators, child psychologists, and overprotective parents. We’re here to talk about a more innocent video game world. We’re here to talk about a game in which pent-up aggression is released through the toss of a banana peel or a turtle shell and the only high you get from mushrooms is a small burst of speed.

Although Mario Kart is a relatively innocent game steeped in fantasy, there are many real world lessons to be taken from those races with Yoshi, Bowser, and the Princess. Here are 10 Driving Lessons We Learned from Mario Kart.

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