The end is near for Mariano Rivera. The legendary reliever is set to play his final game for the Bronx Bombers later this month. But before he comes out of the bullpen for the last time, the Yankees are going to honor Rivera in a really unique way.

This Sunday, the Yankees are set to take on the Giants at Yankee Stadium. And during the game, every single Yankees player will wear the commemorative hat that you see above. It features a patch on the side of it that says "MARIANO RIVERA" and "1995 - 2013" on it and has a picture of Rivera running out of the bullpen. It will be the first time in MLB history that a team will honor a current, active player during a game with a commemorative hat like this.

Check out the patch in the thumbs gallery above. What a classy way for the Yankees to honor a guy who has meant so much to their organization.

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