Record: 0-10
Head coaches: Phil Handler/Walt Kiesling

We were initially hesitant to put this team on the list because, in all fairness, they weren't really an NFL team. Instead, they were two teams that were merged together in August 1943 because the NFL had 11 teams at the time and needed to figure out a way to schedule teams to play against one another. So Card-Pitt had just one month to come together and get ready for the 1943 season. And just to further complicate things, the Card-Pitt team—like many other NFL teams at the time—lost quite a few players who were called to serve in the military during World War II. So it's not exactly shocking that they weren't successful. But 0-10 is still 0-10, and they hold the distinction of being one of the few NFL teams to go winless during a season. So how could we not put them on this list?