Back in 1999, Wes Welker was a senior at Heritage High School in Oklahoma City, Okla. And, at his school's pep rally where they held a lip sync contest, Welker decided to have a little fun, so he performed "(You Drive Me) Crazy" in front of the crowd dressed as Britney Spears. What makes the surfacing of this clip even more interesting is the fact that Wes recently said the following about the moment to Dan Hellie for NFL Total Access:

"Gosh, I’d love to say false there, but I did…they have me on video." Before the Internet could drum up some incriminating video, he said, "But I've already bought them off, so you won't be seeing that anytime soon."

Guess Welker didn't pay off everyone because, thanks to, the video was released last year but now it is finally seeing the light of day. Hey Wes, too bad the NFL had to put a ban on excessive touchdown celebrations because we would've loved to see you break out some of those Britney moves  when you put up six on the board this season.   

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[via Huffington Post]