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Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson doesn't think that anyone in the Patriots secondary can stop him. So during an interview with the media yesterday, he let it be known that he thinks he's going to torch the Pats cornerbacks and safeties during Buffalo's game against New England on Sunday afternoon. No matter who they throw at him, he's ready.

"I don't think they have anybody to stop me," he said. "For real….I haven't played against Aqib Talib yet. I've checked him out on tape—long, athletic, tries to play with vision. I got a lot of respect for [Patrick] Chung. I know him personally."

That's all well and good. Johnson should think he's better than everyone in the Pats secondary. But there's only one problem with his boast. Patrick Chung doesn't play for the Patriots anymore! He signed a deal with the Eagles in the offseason and is going to be suiting up for Philadelphia this year. So when it comes to talking trash, Johnson just took a huge L, and we're sure that more than a few Pats players are laughing at him right now.

That doesn't mean they'll get the last laugh—that won't be determined until Sunday. But as of today, it's clear that Johnson needs to go back and look at some more game tape before he talks any more trash.

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[via CBS Boston]