Hey, MLB teams, did you learn anything from the ridiculous 10-year, $240 million contract that Albert Pujols signed back in early 2012? No, really. Did you? Because if you did, then you're going to laugh your ass off when you hear what Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano reportedly wants from whichever team signs him this offseason.

Are you ready for this? Are you sure you're ready for this? Okay, well, Cano—and his agent Jay Z (it still feels a little strange typing that)—are reportedly going to look for a contract that's in the ballpark of 10 years for $305 million. No, that's not a typo. Cano reportedly wants more than three-hundred million dollars to sign with a team this offseason, despite the fact that he's 30 years old and probably only has a few good years of baseball left in him. THREE-HUNDRED MILLION BUCKS!

As of right now, Cano hasn't actually asked for anything, so maybe the original report about Cano's upcoming contract from ESPN's Buster Olney is bogus. Or maybe Cano is serious about wanting $305 million and thinks there's an MLB owner out there dumb enough to give it to him. Either way, Cano will automatically jump to the top of this list during the MLB offseason. Because we get the feeling that someone out there is going to overpay him. Will it be your team?

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[via Hardball Talk]