Their faces may be a little more wrinkled, their hair a little thinner and their memories a lot hazier but these titans of men suited up to give us enjoyment every fall Sunday of our childhoods. A number of these guys have gone into broadcasting and are now a part of the same media they used to pretend was their enemy to fire themselves up. Others coach. It may not compare to the days they spent battling on the gridiron, in sub-zero temps, to the adoring screams of fans but it still beats a 9-to-5.

You can follow many of them on Twitter if you have a need to follow every mundane going-on and misspelled update. But if that's not your thing (and even if it is) we'll catch you up on where they're at. They don't have Facebooks to creep on all day so hopefully this will do. So Where Are They Now? Your Favorite NFL Players of the '90s. Click the mouse and find out.

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