We've seen drivers put their cars into some pretty strange places during accidents. Swimming pools? Yup, we've seen a few of those. Lakes? Yeah, unfortunately. Ditches? Psssshhhhhh…we see that every other day. But check out where a 70-year-old man managed to put his car during an accident that took place on Friday.

The man was driving through Pittsburgh when, somehow, he wound up upside down on top of a fountain surrounded by water. Police believe he suffered some kind of medical emergency while driving, which led him to lose control of the car and drive it into the fountain. But witnesses say he wasn't driving very fast at all, which makes his crash landing all the more puzzling.

"A lot of witnesses said he wasn't going fast, maybe 30 or 40 mph," a police sergeant said at the scene. "Came straight through the entrance of the fountain, hit a bench, knocked the bench into the pond, hit the front of the fountain, did one big flip, and landed right on top of the fountain."

The man was rushed to the hospital after the crash, but he is expected to be okay. He managed to avoid hitting anyone during the accident. What a bizarre crash.

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[via WPXI]