You hate to see a player go down like the way Georgia wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell did, especially when the cause was so preventable.

Running back Todd Gurley ran through a huge hole in Clemson's defensive line to tie the game with a 75-yard touchdown. A huge run like that undoubtedly called for celebration, and Gurley did just that with a chest bump with Mitchell.

Mitchell landed awkwardly and the celebration turned to agony as he tore his ACL at that moment. The junior's season ended in Bill Gramatica fashion for helping his teammate celebrate his highlight.

Perhaps jazz hands will work as a better touchdown celebration? Yeah, El-P rapped "Put your fucking jazz hands back in your pants and get them shits sliced" on "Twin Hype Back," but it's cool since there's no torn ACL risk in that.

Hopefully, Mitchell makes a full recovery after this tough way to end the season.

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[via Black Sports Online]