There's two main truths to Floyd Mayweather Jr.: He doesn't know how to lose (still undefeated) and he's all about his money. It would be absurd if he wasn't because is middle name is "Money" after all.  Mayweather took home over $80 million from his bout with Canelo Alvarez, but he was still finding ways to get his money up this weekend.

Mayweather betted on the first half line on last night's Texas A&M-SMU game and he made the smart wager, which was on Johnny Manziel and the Aggies. Maniel went 14-and-24 for 244 yards, a touchdown and an interception in the first half; he also ran 102 yards and scored another touchdown on the ground. Most importantly, the Aggies led 32-6 at halftime, which was was easily enough to cover the 17.5 betting line and make Mayweather $200,000 richer:

Manziel gets a thank you and a tally on the win column. Mayweather gets the profit, but of course, Manziel can't.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]