How far would you go in order to make a successful Vine?

The guy in this video—who was later identified as Obi Nwosu—decided to put his health and, hell, his life at risk recently in order to try and capture a magical six-second video. He attempted to do it by having one of his buddies film him jumping over a car that was heading right towards him. But unfortunately, he came nowhere close to clearing the car. So instead of a successful Vine, he actually ended up with one of the worst Vines we've ever seen. It features him getting hit by the car and then being tended to by paramedics.

That's not all he got, either. In addition to the crappy Vine, Nwosu also got "a cut to the bone, bruised left buttcheek, and some common sense," according to his Twitter account. And he passed along some sound advice for anyone looking to make a name for themselves by using Vine.

"Don't do it for the vine!" he wrote on Twitter.

Yeah, we second that. We're all for funny, creative Vines. But anything that ends with you getting hit by a car is an L.

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[via Betabeat]