The guy that you see in the photo above is Jadeveon Clowney. Just in case you're not familiar with him, he's pretty much every college football offensive coordinator's worst nightmare. At 6'6", 274 pounds, the South Carolina defensive end is a freak of nature and can't be stopped on Saturday afternoons.

This Saturday afternoon, Clowney's Gamecocks will travel to Georgia to take on the Bulldogs. And the Bulldogs are going to have their hands full with him. So some Georgia fans are already turning to divine intervention for help with stopping Clowney. Just peep the sign that was spotted this week in Athens, Ga. at the First Presbyterian Church:

Yep, you read that right. The sign says, "DEAR GOD, HOW DO YOU STOP CLOWNEY?" And it proves two things: One, that the people in Georgia really, really, really love their Bulldogs. And two, that Jadeveon Clowney is officially a problem in the SEC.

Good luck on Saturday, Georgia! You're gonna need it.

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