Imagine if Michael Jordan or Tom Brady were traded, in their primes, after winning a championship, to say the Clippers or Browns? That's what happened with Wayne Gretzky back in '88. His owner originally put the best hockey player ever on the trade block because he couldn't afford him. Losing money in other businesses, Oilers owner Peter Plockington shipped Gretzky to the Los Angeles Kings or a bunch of pieces. Despite still playing really well individually, Gretzky never had team success with his new squad.

What could've been: Had Gretzky stayed its pretty much a consensus that he would've won more titles and MVPs. With a better team around him, Gretzky and his sidekick Mark Messier would've been the greatest tandem in hockey history with about 10 Stanley Cups to their names—the Edmonton Oilers were that good. Unfortuantely, that would've meant that the New York Rangers would've never took home the Cup in 1994 because Messier would've still been in Canada.