After hitting 60 percent of his three-pointers last season for his high school team from Alpharetta, Ga., Zach Hodskins deserved some attention from college basketball programs going into his senior year. But, what makes Hodskins' achievements even more incredible is that he's been doing all of this with only one hand. Even though he was born without a forearm and hand on his left arm, Hodskins has played so well over the last couple years that the University of Florida has offered him a preferred walk-on spot, which basically means he has a spot on the roster but receive a scholarship for at least his freshman year.

Meanwhile, according to Yahoo! Sports, Birmingham Southern and the University of Alabama-Birmingham are actually considering a scholarship offer. If you're questioning whether Hodskins can actually ball, just check out the video above. He's pretty impressive.

Keep killing 'em, kid! 

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[via For The Win]