The jumpshot is  one of the most useful tools in sports. There is a proper form and routine to be a successful shooter. "The perfect form" does not work for everyone. Some players need to change it up to be successful and some players will try every possible form under the sun to try and get it right. One-handed, underhanded, from the side of the waist, are some of the forms that players have tried, but they're just not aesthetically pleasing. Watching Ray Allen or Steve Nash knock down shot after shot with the perfect form is awesome, but these players make the jumpshot a painful experience. The players come in different sizes and at different positions.

Rick Barry was a great free throw shooter but that underhanded fling was laughable. Wilt Chamberlain tried every way possible to make free throws but just could not knock them down at a respectable rate. From Reggie Miller's effective but unorthodox three ball to Shaq's ugly heaves at the free throw line, here are the Ugliest Jumpshots and Free Throws in NBA History in GIFs.