What does one do when their shooting game isn't up to par? Easy suggestions would be to practice by shooting some more, work on that form, or just stop shooting altogether. Not everyone's a shooter, after all. But what about simply switching your shooting hand?

Most people know there's not really anything simple about doing so, but if you're ambidexterous like Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson, that's actually a reasonable option. Thompson says he's going to do just that.

Thompson doesn't seem like that good of a left-hand shooter. HoopData statistics show he only attempted 17.3 percent of his shots outside of 10 feet. Now he's looking to improve by switching hands, and he's already started doing so in competion, according to Sportsnet. At a trip to the free-throw line during a FIBA Americas Canada-Jamaica game, Thompson also shot the ball with his right (no word if he actually made the shots).

Has anybody switched shooting hands in NBA history? USA Basketball Executive Director Jerry Colangelo said no: "There are a lot of players who work hard so they can finish equally well with both hands, but as far as changing the hands they shoot with? I’ve never heard of that. That’s 1-in-1000 right there.”

So we guess a congratulations are in order for Thompson, but let's see if his shooting performance improves from here.

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[via Sportsnet]