After opening their vault to the public at the end of last year at a time when many car museums were closing, the Peterson Automotive Museum sold a big portion of their collection at various auction houses last month to pay for a "major facelift" to their building. Plans for the facelift have been unveiled, and it is definitely more like an overhaul. 

Peterson is the holy grail of car museums. Despite selling almost 120 vehicles, the museum's collection still goes deep into automobile history and contains some of the rarest and most famous cars ever made. With the money raised, the museum will move forward with an extensive redesign headed by architectural practice Kohn Pederson Fox Associates. The project will add an additional 15,000 square feet to the existing space and add flowing steel designs to the exterior of the building. Petersen reassures car enthusiasts that the auctions and cost of project haven't ruined what's inside, promising a "refined and upgraded permanent collection."

Check out this video about the project below (much longer press conference here) and we highly recommend checking out for an epic view that will fill your browser window and thoroughly impress you. 

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[via Petersen]