Earlier this week, the hashtag #confessyourunpopularopinion took over Twitter. And last night, the sentiment behind the hashtag took over The Tonight Show as well when Mark Cuban made an appearance and confessed his unpopular opinion on the 211-game suspension that Alex Rodriguez received from Major League Baseball earlier this week. Although most people believe that A-Rod did deserve the harsh penalty that MLB handed him, Cuban has a much different take on the subject.

"Horrible," he said when asked about the suspension by Jay Leno. "I think it's disgraceful what Major League Baseball is trying to do to him. Look, it's not that he doesn't deserve to be suspended. He does. They have policies in place: A first-time offender is 50 games, and a second time is 100. 211, that's personal."

Cuban also ripped MLB Commissioner Bud Selig during his rant about A-Rod.

"I've got to tell you, with my experiences with Major League Baseball—and after all of this, there's no chance I'm getting to buy a team—it's basically become Bud Selig's mafia," he said. "He runs it the way he wants to run it. They don't want me to own a team. When I was trying to buy the Rangers, even after the Cubs, when I was trying to buy the Texas Rangers, it was an open option. I sat in there with my good, hard-earned money trying to bid, and they did everything possible to keep me from buying the team…It was horrible."

So does Cuban really think A-Rod is being treated unfairly—or is he just mad at the Commissioner of baseball for keeping him out of the game? It sounds like a little bit of both. Watch him explain himself in the clip above.

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[via ESPN Dallas]