Less than two weeks after signing a nice max contract extension worth $80 million over five years with the Washington Wizards, John Wall decided to get a tattoo. And, for most people, a tat is a form of expression, so what is Wall trying to say here with his combination of an owl holding a lantern  that has "Est. 1990" etched on it with a ribbon saying "No Time for Sleep" wrapped around the bird? Hit the thumbnail to check it out. 

We get the "Est. 1990" part since it's obviously referencing the year he was born, but what's this about no time for sleep? Is this a message for himself, his fans or both? Is it a motivational tool for J-Wall going forward since he has a max deal now? Ahhh, there's so many questions and so few answers. Hey Wall, can we get some clarification here, please? 

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[via The Big Lead]