Maybe Isiah Dunning of Grand Valley State should play the lottery because the guy has some luck. We say that sarcastically, of course. Shortly after 8 A.M. last Friday, Dunning and a couple teammates were walking to the nearest school cafeteria for breakfast when the defensive lineman was struck by a pickup truck.

Luckily, Dunning's injuries from the accident weren't life-threatening, but he will miss four to six weeks after dislocating his right shoulder, as well as suffering some neck pain and back spasms. “It was just one of those things that happens out of nowhere; I was just hit and was falling toward the ground,” Dunning said. “My face was falling toward the curb and I put my right arm out to break my fall and that’s when my shoulder dislocated.”

The irony in the entire situation is that the person behind the wheel that struck Dunning was his teammate, redshirt freshman offensive lineman Zach Jolly. According to Jolly, he was trying to avoid a car approaching in the other direction at the same time Dunning stepped onto the service road. Even though he will be off the field for some time, Dunning doesn't seem to be mad at Jolly. “I know it wasn’t intentional,” he said. “I know Jolly. He’s a good guy. It was an accident, and things happen. But there really wasn’t much to say beyond that. There’s a reason things happen and I’m just working to get back as soon as I can.”

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