Welcome to the NFL, Tyrann Mathieu!

Like so many other NFL rookies, Mathieu is being hazed by his veteran teammates right now. But unlike so many other NFL rookies, one of Mathieu's veteran teammates is Darnell Dockett. So when Dockett sat Mathieu down in a barber's chair yesterday and gave him a hazing haircut, he didn't just shave half his head or make him dye his hair purple. Instead, Dockett shaved his jersey number 90 into the side of Mathieu's dome, just so he doesn't forget who hazed him.

Mathieu actually got off pretty easy, though. Just check out a few of the other haircuts that Dockett handed out in the thumbs gallery above. Why didn't he do any of that to Mathieu?! Hmmm...

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[via Shutdown Corner]