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Aside from the newfound fame and million dollar contracts, the life of an NFL rookie can be a difficult one. OK, maybe it's hard to sell you on that. But, you better believe that when it comes down to hazing, it can be a cruel world. Just think of it like this, a player's teammates can think up some random act of fuckery, act on it and just get away with it because their actions are simply some type of initiation. So, everything's fair game. Mess up your hair beyond belief? Yup. Tie you to a goal post and smear all types of condiments all over your grill? Of course! Toss you in a cold tub without your permission? Hey, why not? 

With the "initiation process" for the league's newbies complete, we take a look at the worst of the worst. From Tim Tebow's "Friar Tuck monk" haircut to Prince Amukamara getting thrown into a cold tub by his teammates, here are The Most Humiliating NFL Rookie Hazings.

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