As if the rematch between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman wasn't already a draw, what if Chael Sonnen was added to the mix? If you're wondering how that's even possible, well, Sonnen revealed to MMA Fighting that he is attempting to make the necessary moves in order to officiate the UFC 168 main event on Dec. 28. 

"I'm putting in an application. I'm going to try to get my referee's license, and I'm hoping to officiate [Weidman vs. Silva]. Whether they assign me to it or not, I've reffed plenty of matches in other jurisdictions, and I'm applying for that one in Nevada."

As MMA Mania points out, Sonnen's checkered track record with Nevada State Athletic Commission, or NSAC, could be a major road block in getting that license. But, can Dana White, president of the UFC, turn down the opportunity to add just another layer to an already intriguing match-up at the end of the year? You can just see Dana looking up and rubbing his chin right now, right? 

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[via MMA Mania]