If you're going to start a fantasy football team this month, do us a favor: Don't name it "Carlos Danger." No, really, DON'T NAME IT "CARLOS DANGER"! Even though you might be tempted to do it, you're only going to make yourself look like a gigantic tool by choosing "Carlos Danger" for your team name.

Why? Well, it seems that everyone out there wants to use "Carlos Danger," the name that was infamously used by New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner to pick up chicks online. The Big Lead is reporting that, of the new fantasy football team names selected on CBS Sports' fantasy football site in the last three weeks, roughly 15 percent of owners have used "Carlos Danger" as their team name. Good one, guys! Except, uhhhhhhh, you're obviously not the only ones who came up with that idea.

So please, before you decide to make "Carlos Danger" your team name, COME UP WITH SOMETHING ELSE. You'll thank us later when you show up to your draft and the league already has three other "Carlos Dangers" on deck.

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[via The Big Lead]