Selling drugs is definitely more lucrative than selling ice cream. But a Brooklyn man is wishing he had just stuck to selling his tasty frozen treats right now.

Mina Gatas, a 20-year-old from BK, was arrested earlier this week after he reportedly sold cocaine and prescription painkillers to an undercover officer out of an ice cream truck that he operates. He sold the officer drugs out of the back of his car as well. The undercover officer was part of a two-month investigation called "Operation Snow Cone" that was designed to bring Gatas' unorthodox business down.

"We can't permit someone to bring an ice cream truck and park it in a very, very busy area and sell drugs," Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said on Tuesday.

Obviously. Now, Gatas will have to pay the price by spending some time behind bars for his crime. He was given $10,000 bail by a judge yesterday and will face up to 20 years in jail if he is convicted of selling drugs out of his ice cream truck. What an idiot.

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[via NY1]