When thinking about the great Brian Urlacher's career, a lot of people probably won't harp too much on how exactly it ended. The linebacker was chasing down Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson on a third-and-2 play on the first possession of an overtime game. Urlacher got him, but Wilson had already ran five yards for the first down. The Bears would lose the game and Urlacher to hamstring injury after that play. Needless to say this doesn't hold a candle to the way Ray Lewis went out.

Urlacher spoke to Fox Sports, and he wanted to let Wilson know he's responsible for an Urlacher-less Bears this season "Russell, I'm not sure if you know this or not, but you ended my career basically last year on that third down in overtime," he said. "You were rolling out, I was trying to chase you. Trying to chase you down I popped my hamstring and missed the last four games of the season. You ended it."

It's true Urlacher's career ended on a Wilson play, but you can't blame him for it. He was just doing his job, and he has to watch his ass when a linebacker known for giving brutal hits is gunning for him.

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[via CBS Sports]