Date: 3/26/1991
Sport: Basketball
Punishment: 1-game suspension, $10,000 fine

Charles Barkley, by his own declaration, was not a role model. Even for someone who doesn't want to be an aspirational figure, this incident looked pretty bad. Barkley got justifiably irked by the racial slur-laden heckling of a New Jersey Nets fan, and lashed out by trying to spit on him. The only problem was, Barkley missed; instead of splashing the racist right in the face, the spittle hit a little girl sitting courtside. Fortunately, this occurred before the proliferation of talking head shows, which would have fed on this story for weeks upon weeks after. The affable Barkley took the suspension like a man, and in fact made it a positive as he befriended the girl he accidentally hit and made sure she and her family had tickets to many future games.