Have you ever heard of a heat runner? If not, a heat runner is basically a person who gets their kicks by running in extreme heat. Despite the fact that running in the heat can cause heart attacks, heat stroke, and even death, heat runners take the risk anyway. They're a different breed, for sure.

But Jonathan Rice is even crazier than your average heat runner. Not only does he run in the heat, but he also tries to take things to the next level whenever he does it. Just check out this video of him running in the 129-degree heat in Death Valley recently. He completed a mile in less than seven minutes—six minutes and 36 seconds to be exact—and did so while wearing a Darth Vader costume.

Why? Uh, why not?! Seriously, though, this is nuts. We'll stick to the treadmill, but thanks anyway, Jonathan.

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[via For The Win]