There is never a time when ice cream doesn't sound good. Simply put, it's one of the best foods to fill people's tummies. That's why the idea of a vehicle carrying cases of a wide variety of frozen treats has been putting smiles on faces and satisfying insatiable sweet teeth for decades is one of the greatest vehicle achievements ever. You can't grow out of ice cream trucks, either. Every time that single floats into our ears from blocks away, our heads jerk in wonderment where we can find one of those Ninja Turtles or Spongebob ice cream bars.

Growing you, you probably had the typical Blue Bunny or Blue Bell ice cream truck experience. A normal, somewhat creepy-looking truck with some weird dude giving you the choice of a malt cup, a bomb pop, character head ice cream bars, or those chocolate ecclair and strawberry shortcake bars. You'd give him you two bucks and be on your way. This list is not about the average ice cream life. We've dug through the rubbish and picked out 25 of the craziest ice cream trucks you'll ever see. Grab a bowl of mint chocolate chip, stay cool and check 'em out.