Even though he didn't play a single game for the Philadelphia 76ers last season due to a series of knee injuries, some poor NBA GM out there is going to roll the dice on Andrew Bynum this summer. But when he does, he's going to have to do it without the benefit of actually seeing Bynum play. According to Bynum's agent David Lee, NBA teams will be able to access Bynum's medical records this summer. But he's not going to work out for anyone to prove that his balky knees are feeling better. NBA teams are simply going to have to take him and his agent at their word when they say that Bynum will be ready to go next season.

Seems fool-proof, right? Ha. Riiiiiiight. Signing Bynum this offseason without seeing him in action on the court seems like a really, really bad idea. And yet, we're sure that someone will do it. We just hope they realize what they're getting into when they sign Bynum.

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[via Eye On Basketball]